Rank and File (n): the enlisted personnel or lower ranks of a troop; the ordinary members of an organization or society.

So… why is this the name of a purpose-driven entrepreneur magazine?

The name Rank & File reminds us that we all are worthy of creating change and that we should come together as a family in support of one another, no matter our perceived ranking.

Creating change is only possible we connect with others in a vulnerable, authentic and collaborative way. These values support our community of changemakers and in turn, help us to lead our social good businesses with great purpose.

Rank & File Magazine features a wide range of fellow humans, like you, all in pursuit of change.

Here are just some of the “rank and file” changemakers and social entrepreneurs you will meet within its pages:

Simon Sinek | Author, Speaker

Issue One

Liz Bohannon | Sseko Designs

Issue Three

Kohl Crecelius | Krochet Kids International

Issue Two

Jessica Honegger | Noonday Collection

Issue Four

Durreen Shahnaz | Recipient ``Nobel Prize of Business``

Issue Five

Adam Braun | Pencils of Promise

Issue Two

T. Morgan Dixon | GirlTrek

Issue Seven

Tom Dawkins | StartSomeGood