Issue Seven Rank & File Magazine | Social Entrepreneurship Magazine

The seventh issue of Rank & File magazine explores movements of social change and how the wisdom of our past teaches us valuable lessons for our future. With a dynamic mix of interviews, short essays and letters from fellow entrepreneurs across the globe, we uncover a “people’s innovation” that is alive in all of us, leading us to communicate, collaborate, co-create and campaign with humility.

Cover Photography: Taylor Rees

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Issue 7 of Rank & File Magazine for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs: “Movement Makers.” This issue explores how leaders rally people around their missions to create powerful movements of social change. We will dig deeper into topics such as empowering and motivating mission-driven teams, effective communication skills, sharing your company’s purpose on platforms like social media, forming collaborative conversations for social impact, engaging in community-driven collaborations, character traits for working with others and more. Hear from thought-leaders of purpose-driven business and social entrepreneurship like: Tom Dawkins and Morgan Dixon of Girltrek, receive valuable insights and advice from fellow purpose-driven entrepreneurs and changemakers from around the world, and join a community of people who want to lead with vulnerability, humility and authenticity as they work together for social good in business.