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The eighth issue of Rank & File Magazine examines what the word “give” means for the social entrepreneur. Our preconceived ideas of giving are often driven by selfless, charitable acts during the holiday season, but how do we truly give using social business all year round? How should heart and brain be combined? When does it affect our business strategy? Several social entrepreneurs will share their definition of the word “give” and explore how shifting their mindsets are leading toward greater social impact through mutually-beneficial giving.

Cover Photography:
Founder, Creative Director and CEO of Raven + Lily Kirsten Dickerson at her family’s “glamping retreat” outside of Austin, Texas. Captured by Kate Zimmerman.

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Issue 8 of Rank & File Magazine for Social Entrepreneurs – The Giving Issue. Some of the topics of this issue of Rank & File, a social entrepreneurship magazine, include membership models for social enterprise, working with volunteers and interns in your social enterprise, how to invest your time and money in inspiring changemaking projects, how to gift in a meaningful way using social impact gifts during the holiday season, how to rework your social impact business model, living and leading with authenticity as a social entrepreneur, as well as how to work with low-budget clients using wise social impact business strategies. Here from fellow social entrepreneurs and social good seekers on how they are applying the word “give” to their businesses.