Issue No. 7 Rank & File Magazine for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs -

The seventh issue of Rank & File magazine explores movements of social change and how the wisdom of our past teaches us valuable lessons for our future. With a dynamic mix of interviews, short essays and letters from fellow entrepreneurs across the globe, we uncover a “people’s innovation” that is alive in all of us, leading us to communicate, collaborate, co-create and campaign with humility.




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Free magazine for social enterprises | learned how to sell lifestyle products for your social enterprise
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Issue Five Special Edition Travel Issue - Rank & File Magazine for Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises and Conscious Companies
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Rank & File Magazine for social entrepreneurs and purpose-driven business owners, free business magazine for social entrepreneurs, free magazine for social impact entrepreneurs and businesses that want to make a difference, conscious company magazine for free, Rank & File is much more than a magazine. We are community of risk-takers, like you, who believe people are worth serving AND business can create change. Each issue of Rank & File is free and is filled with video, photography and interactive tools for the purposeful entrepreneur who is in pursuit of building a socially conscious company and sustainable business. FOR RISK-TAKERS, PURPOSE DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURS & ORGANIZATIONS WHO: Hope to make a true social impact on the world, Are looking for a guide on how to start a business with a greater mission, Want access to wisdom and guidance from mentors and experts, Prefer step-by-step advice that will show a clear path to follow, Hate boring and uptight business periodicals, Need inspiration and encouragement from other humans, Want a community to discuss real impact issues. In each publication, we: FOCUS ON SERVICE: Every story and every piece of advice in Rank & File are rooted by the inherent value of people, keeping us grounded in our mission to serve and provide social impact. FOSTER A DOWN-TO-EARTH ATMOSPHERE: Our contributors will always be honest and vulnerable as they openly share their human experiences as social entrepreneurs with you. WALK WITH YOU HAND-IN-HAND: Humans need help. We break down topics and guide you step-by-step with practical, interactive tools that you can easily apply. CREATE AN EVEN PLAYING FIELD: We don’t put people on pedestals here. You have never “made it,” and you are never better (or worse) than someone else. Come as you are and remain humble. COLLABORATE ON THE BIG STUFF: We need each other if we are going to find solutions to the world’s biggest problems. Individual ideas are not powerful enough. And reporting on our personal achievements will not lead us toward accomplishing the greater goal. Our articles will feature a wide range of individuals to form a collaborative discussion about the real issues at hand. We are a community in the pursuit of change, and we invite you to join us with this unique social impact magazine subscription. Subscriptions is free and includes access the interactive mag, as well as free bonus content released each month!