Rank & File Creed - Our Mission Statement and Manifesto

Rank & File Magazine for purpose-driven entrepreneurs desires to form a community of risk-takers, like you, who believe people are worth serving and business can create change.Why do we believe that we either have to care for people or make money? Can’t we do both? When we decide people are the most important part of the process, business goes from a simple transaction to a powerful and sustainable solution. We want to be part of the solution. Rank & File is not a highlight reel of others’ accomplishments. We don’t cover industry news for your entertainment pleasure. We are not even a magazine. Rank & File is a community of risk-takers, like you, who believe people are worth serving AND business can create change. We strive to: Focus on service. Every story in Rank & File is rooted by the inherent value of people, keeping us grounded in our mission to serve. Foster a down-to-earth atmosphere. Our contributors will always be honest and vulnerable as they openly share their human experiences. Walk with you hand-in-hand. Humans need help. We break down topics and guide you step-by-step with practical tools that you can easily apply. Create an even playing field. We don’t put people on pedestals here. Come as you are; we are all a work-in-progress. Collaborate on the big stuff. Our articles will feature a wide range of individuals to form a collaborative discussion about the real issues at hand. We need each other if we are to find solutions to the world’s biggest problems.