“No matter where we live, we all deserve to hear the message that people are worth serving and business can create change.”


It is estimated that 6 out of 7 billion people in the world have a mobile phone. Yet, two thirds of the world’s population have never been online. The relatively high cost of data, and lack of relevant localized content present substantial barriers. Free Basics by Facebook aims to address these challenges by providing people with mobile access to basic, life-giving information for free.

Rank & File works with our partners at the Praekelt Foundation to bring Rank & File’s message of servant-leadership and grassroots, purpose-driven entrepreneurship into the hands of unreached people groups through the Free Basics by Facebook platform.

Imagine the impact of reaching 1 billion new people with the message that  “people are worth serving AND business can create change.” How would they change their communities through values-based leadership and social entrepreneurship if they know that they were worth it and could alone make an impact?

learn how rank and file makes a difference around the world through our social impact program

Our Approach:

We use a three-prong approach for crafting and sharing impactful content on the Free Basics platform:

Simplifying Rank & File magazine content to showcases core values and beliefs despite cultural barriers.
We focus on the value of people, service and personal empowerment needed to inspire leadership and entrepreneurship.
Identifying regional attention areas through local partners.
We work with local thought leaders to understand strengths and weaknesses that are holding them back from purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Then we craft regional specific content.
Connecting and sharing stories of brave, servant leaders inside target communities.
We believe in the power of an inspiring story told — so we share as many as we can in a language that can be understood.

Our Impact:

The Rank & File magazine outreach program was launched in April 2017. We will be giving regular updates on the blog covering our progress and impact.


Your Impact:

Free Basics by Facebook is an open platform, meaning you can apply to add your social enterprise and have the potential to reach 1 million new people with your social cause and mission!